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Hire Me

This was my "Hire Me" page for my Jan-Mar 2014 job search. I've also written a load of hopefully useful words about this process.

Hire me

I am looking for my next thing.

I've spent the last few years working on some fantastic products with some even more fantastic people, and I am keen to keep on doing this. I built most of's (500 S12, Downtown Project) alpha platform, and the company closed a $1M seed round on the basis of this product. I then went to war on corporate email at, where we built some beautiful software that obliterated our own problems but sadly not enough of other people's. I wouldn't change anything though.

Now I want to join a fast-growing product company, most likely in the San Francisco Bay Area (I have an H1B visa). Broad sectors I particularly like include education, medicine, devtech and academia, but that might only be because I know nothing about cathedral construction or running a banana stand.

By trade I am mostly a Rails engineer, with all the good jazz that comes with this - JS, Coffee, Ember, Backbone, Postgres, git, Heroku and many other keywords. I'm not religious though; I've fiddled with PHP, Python and Prolog and had a great time with 2 of them.

I thought that I just invented a pretty solid pun (Py-curious), but a quick Google suggests that I am not as original as I had hoped.

I have a BA in Physics from Oxford University (I got a First) and an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College (I got a Distinction and the highest marks in the year).

I've written quite a few things that I think on my blog. I've had >100,000 visitors in the last 8 months, and have been tweeted by DHH. Which is somewhat tenuous social proof, but it's still DHH damn it. I'm also proud of:

and my GA vanity metrics would be very pleased if you checked them out

Further fun facts to close:

  • I founded and sold a clothing company that makes jumpers with pictures of fruit on them
  • I paid for university by playing online poker
  • I came 30th in the European U18 chess championships
  • I taught C# and VB for a year at Kingston College and Kingston University
  • I am a silver GOLD!! league Terran in Starcraft 2

If you think we could do beautiful things together then get in touch.

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