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Staying safe cycling San Francisco's Wiggle

02 Sep 2015

In the past year, untold numbers of cyclists have tragically lost $198 at the hands of the SFPD whilst rolling over stop signs along the Wiggle, a popoular San Francisco bike route .

The SFPD is right - bikes and cars should be treated identically at stop signs. Cars weigh several tonnes, can travel arbitrarily fast as far as your skull is concerned and require a complex series of mirrors and blind spots to see their surroundings; exactly like bikes are also none of these things.

So please, educate yourselves and your loved ones with these 3 ways to stay safe:

  1. Always be vigilant - patrol cars can come from any direction, no matter how hard you think you have checked. When going over a junction, devote a minimum of 50% of your attention to looking out for police vehicles, especially those behind you or several blocks away.

  2. Check your visibility - wear dark clothing to make it harder for officers to see you.

  3. Take safe routes - avoid quiet roads with clearly marked bike paths, like The Wiggle, since these are where the crackdowns happen. Prefer congested, car-heavy streets with no room for cyclists.

Together we can raise a new generation of cyclists, where no one has to know what it’s like to lose $198.

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