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I'm giving feedback on blog posts

27 Aug 2018

If you’ve written a blog post and would like constructive feedback on it, email it to me and I’ll give you some.

This will be completely free, because I have no writing qualifications whatsoever. I don’t know what the subjunctive is or how much it costs, and I use commas mostly at random. However, I do write a lot, and I have read both Elements of Style and Steven King’s surprisingly good On Writing. If you like my writing, you might like my feedback too.

I’m doing this for 3 reasons, beyond the obvious narcissism. First, I really enjoy giving feedback on writing. Second, I’m working a lot on my own writing technique at the moment, and I think that analyzing other people’s writing will help. Finally, I’ve recently started doing office hours, and the first 10 have gone quite well. At least, I’ve enjoyed them. This has given me a temporary bump in self-confidence that I’d like to put to good use before it levels out again. The only options I come up with so far are giving feedback on blog posts and hanging around street corners acting menacing.

I imagine that this process will be most helpful for technical posts, short stories, or other pieces broadly like the kinds of things that I tend to write. But I’m willing to try anything, apart from schoolwork.

If you completely ignore all of my feedback then that’s completely fine. I won’t be offended in the slightest, and if you’re willing to say then I’d love to know if this was because you disagreed with it, it wasn’t constructive, or something else entirely.

If I’m low on energy, time, or general enthusiasm for life then I might have to welch on this offer, but I think that this is unlikely.

How do I sign up?

If you’d like free feedback on your blog post then email it to me as a Word doc or PDF. Include a few sentences on what you’re trying to achieve with your post. Are you trying to teach your audience something? Who is your audience? Or are you just trying to be entertaining?

Whether you are a seasoned writer or have only just registered your-name-dot-com, I’d love to hear from you.

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