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I've written a book about being a dad; now I want to get it published

25 Mar 2024

For the last eighteen months I’ve been writing a book about being a dad. Two weeks ago I finished the first draft!

The book is inspired by my blog posts about parenting, but most of it is brand new and I think it might be very good. It’s about childbirth, covid, careers, old friends, new friends, kid friends, chess, pianos, screens, AI, marriage, and much more.

Now that I’ve finished a draft I’m looking for an agent and a publisher. I’ve never done this before so I’d appreciate help and advice! Please get in touch if:

  • You’ve published a book or know someone who has
  • You are a literary agent or you know someone who is
  • You’d be up for giving feedback on a first draft
  • You have some words of encouragement
  • You have any thoughts or ideas of any sort about anything

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