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Programming Videos for Advanced Beginners #1: Battleships

27 Jul 2019

I’ve published my first video series: Programming Videos for Advanced Beginners. In it we build a terminal version of the popular board game, Battleships.

In 3 action-packed hours you’ll learn:

We don’t use any esoteric libraries, and instead focus on transferrable programming fundamentals that apply in any language and to any project. The project is written in Python, but we don’t use any Python-specific syntax, and it should be entirely understandable to anyone with experience in Javascript, Ruby, PHP, or any other language.

The response to my Programming Projects for Advanced Beginners blog post series has been fantastic, and I made this video series to bring its same, detail-oriented approach to the big screen. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear any and all feedback.

Watch Programming for Advanced Beginners: Battleships now.

NEW: send me your code and receive free, detailed feedback on how to make your program cleaner and more professional! There's no catch - I'm doing research for a forthcoming Programming Projects for Advanced Beginners book and I want to read as much code by my target audience (i.e. you) as possible.

See this post for how to send me your code, and this post for an example of the types of specific, suggestions that you'll get in return.

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