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2019 review

01 Jan 2020

Thank you to everyone who has read or supported my blog over the past year, I really appreciate it. To coin a new yearly habit:

2019 review

I had a baby. For more details, start at the post “Childbirth: a father’s eye view” and work forwards.

I started writing a book called “Programming Projects for Advanced Beginners”, based on my blog post series of the same name. I also started a new mailing list of weekly tips for Advanced Beginners. I held 20 office hours sessions, and published my first video series about programming. I don’t think the videos were particularly good, but I’m excited about the book. I published 38 blog posts. My favorites were:

I took a 3 month sabbatical from work to intern at a charity called GiveWell. Then I went back to work and joined a new team, where we hunt for malicious actors inside our networks.

I got to silver rank in Rocket League.

2020 plans

See you this time next year.

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